do you need help?

If you or your close ones are in need of help please contact us. We invite you to our Foundation. It is safe with us. We have a comfortable, clean bed for you. We will provide you with food, clothes, shoes and hygiene products. We will help you to take care of your health. We will help you to arrange doctor’s visits and to buy necessary medicines. We will organize legal consultations if you need it. We also will provide you with psychological help and spiritual support. We can help you develop and find a job. We will listen to you. We will adjust the help to your needs. 

You can start new!

How can you know you are a victim?

Have you been offered a job and have been cheated/deceived?

Do you have a debt with your employer?

Have you been forced to work and can not give it up?

Are you not paid for your work?

Have you been provided with accommodation
but in very bad conditions
(sleeping on the ground, no heating, cold water)?
Have you experienced violence
(beatings, intimidation, bullying, rape)?
Are you not allowed to contact your loved onesand/or make decisions about yourself?
Did someone took your documents
or have you received fake documents?

About Us

Light House Foundation is a Christian
non-governmental and non-profit organization. 

We are a part of European Freedom Network.
Our mission is to lead people to life of freedom.