How to be safe


  • Do not entrust your life to people you barely know, people met on the street or for example job center.
  • Do not decide to leave hastily (within 24 hours)
  • Do not go to work to a country whose language and employment rights you do not know at least at the basic level
  • Check employement agencies – registration, licenses, permits, opinions, penalties
  • You have the right to request preliminary contracts with an intermediary, before you leave
  • Under no circumstances, do not give, do not entrust your documents to anyone!
  • If you are poorly coping with finding a job in your own country, abroad will not be easier, only harder.
  • Controlled risk, it is still a risk!
  • Be realistic
  • Always inform someone close to where exactly and with whom you are leaving
  • Leave a close copy of your travel documents and the person you are leaving
  • Establish with your loved ones a security password that you can discreetly enter into a conversation in case of danger and in this way inform your loved ones about your troubles.
  • Have saved, not on your phone, a telephone number to the Polish consulate or embassy in the country you are going to.
  • Have a second, charged telephone with you somewhere in your hand luggage, just in case.


  • Build a relationship only with someone who you can get to know well
  • Get to know your friends’ closest circle of people – family, friends, work mates
  • Watch out for people who are mysterious, whose work and life you know nothing about
  • Watch out for people who have access to and / or distribute drugs – this is a criminal environment and there is a high risk that they do not only deal with the sale of drugs.
  • Remember that you are not responsible for maintaining your partner or his family
  • Do not plan to travel abroad with a partner who you know very little and you do not know much about him.
  • Take care of other relationships outside the new relationship – respond with opposition to trying to cut you off from your relatives and to creating conflicts with them. The most endangered are isolated individuals with no support.
  • Remember that trust can not be granted on credit! Trust builds and gains through appropriate attitudes and reactions. Expect someone to gain your trust and respect in the right way.