Our mission is to lead people to a life of freedom

Light House Foundation is a Christian non-governmental and non-profit organization.

We are standing against human trafficking and modern day slavery, bringing help to victims of human trafficking and victims of crimes and to those who are enslaved or feel lost.

We show how to start new life, when everything seems lost.

Light House, yes, separately. It’s not a mistake. The English word lighthouse also has a second meaning: the house of light. We are inspired by both meanings of these words, which is why we decided to separate them.

The lighthouse has long been used by sailors to assist the way to the harbor. Mostly during storms, in the dark when it was hardest to find a way, the lighthouse showed the direction to the safe harbor.

A lighthouse is a symbol of hope. In the lighthouse you could often find shelter. Often it also had defense functions as the first point on the land of a particular port.

The lighthouse welcomes the weary travelers and says goodbye to travelers on their journey.

As a Foundation Light House, we want to show people the way in life when they are in the throes of life, when they feel lost and are there for the people who have lost the power to fight the adversities of life. We want to point the way to a life full of freedom – as an information point – visible to anyone from afar. Light in the dark.

We are called to stand firm in storms, to be a rock and to send a signal of hope without ceasing. We are called to shine.