We contribute to the fight against human trafficking and modern slavery by

We raise public awareness on human traficking, trough events and social campaigns, press interviews, social media, lectures for primary school youth, youth from secondary schools, including Vocational Schools, and Voluntary Labor Corps, lectures for students, for teachers and pedagogues, meetings and lectures for pastors and leaders in churches, lectures for parents and guardians, training of employees of emergency telephones, employees of Labor Offices, Social Help employees, workshops for law enforcement officers, workshops and trainings for institutions that are part of the Provincial (Voivodeship) Teams for Counteracting Trafficking in Human Beings. 

The Light House Foundation ensures accommodation in a place specially created with regard to the needs of victims of offences and where the staff is adequately trained to work with victims of crimes, according to special safety rules and procedures. The cost of accommodation is entirely bore from the funds of the Light House Foundation or with the support of the Social Welfare Assistance Centres. In exceptional cases, the accommodation is ensured in partner facilities in various locations which normally provide assistance to persons in difficult life situations, also to victims of violence, and the staff of which is adequately trained. If necessary, the Foundation ensures accommodation regardless of gender to children together with their legal guardians, to men, couples, and families, depending on the availability of rooms and financial resources.

The scope of assistance we offer:

  • Crisis intervention, assistance and support already at the stage of the first contact with law enforcement authorities (provision of food, hygiene products, clothes, psychological support)
  • provision of accommodation, meals, basic medical care, the essential medicines, clothing, hygiene products,
  • help in changing and obfuscate the place of stay,
  • assistance of an interpreter,
  • legal consultations,
  • psychological, psychiatrists and pastoral support,
  • assistance in regulating the stay and assistance in securing financial support under the social welfare assistance system.
  • Transport within the country and outside of its borders, on the territory of the European Union.
  • Where needed, assistance is also provided in organising safe return to the country of origin or, acting as an official member of the European Freedom Network, assistance in organising travel to another European Union country, if it is legally possible and justified by a specific need of the person benefiting from the Light House Foundation’s assistance. Assistance in organising such departure is provided in cooperation with other partner organisations within the EFN, while analysing the risk associated with the departure.
  • The Light House Foundation also offers training and apprenticeships preparing for work in hotels and catering establishments, including basic training in Polish and English and assistance in finding employment.

We offer psychological, therapeutic and psychiatric support to people who use the foundation’s help, which help is necessary to return to mental balance, to control fears, to relieve the effects of trauma and post-traumatic stress. Difficult memories can not be erased, but you can learn to live with them, cover them with good memories and find joy in life after all.

As a Christian foundation, we also offer qualified pastoral help.

We conduct individual consultations, for anyone who has become a victim of crime, specially in the context of human trafficking, abuse, or anyone who feels threatened or uncertain in their situation. If you are interested, please contact us by phone or email to arrange a meeting.

Our Foundation offers assistance during the contact with law enforcement and judicial authorities already at the first contact, even during preliminary activities and during the pre-trial stage, at the time of testifying and during court hearings. We offer assistance in contact with the police, the prosecutor’s office, the court and the lawyer.

Assistance at the first contact with law enforcement agencies, especially shortly after the crime is revealed, during preliminary activities also includes: providing food, hygiene products, clothes and psychological support.

The Foundation also provides shelter to persons who are suspected, based on reasonable grounds, to have been victims of attempted human trafficking, people forced and abused in prostitution, also those forced into it by life circumstances and looking for a way out, to victims of violence and abuse and also to victims of other crimes, relatively to available accommodation and funds.

One of the objectives of the Light House Foundation is to search for new solutions to the problems that are most often faced by the victims.
Our task is to broaden the scope, increase the standards of assistance offered, and work on analysing existing procedures, solutions and care for victims of trafficking in human beings and victims of modern day slavery.

The help of the Light House Foundation is provided irrespective of the decision to cooperate with law enforcement authorities in the proceedings.
We believe that we can always improve the form of assistance we provide and the level at which we provide it.

We believe that the most effective help we can offer primarily by cooperating with others. We build relationships and cooperation with anyone who want and can help.

We are a member of the European Freedom Network, that is currently made up of over 200 organisations from over 40 countries and have a wealth of expertise in many areas of counter trafficking . We also create the Blue Network in Poland, that is connecting individuals, organisations, busneses, institutions, churches and government, to help fight human trafficking in Poland and to provide the best help for victims.