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A gripping book from the first pages! A story about dangerous love, discovering the meaning of life, taking risky decisions in pursuit of a ‘better life’. It thoroughly characterises the problem of human trafficking in the 21st century – in Poland and around the world. A crime that today holds about 27 million victims captive!

“I wrote the book all the time with the idea that I wanted, firstly, to make young and often gullible people, who believe in ‘tempting’ offers to go abroad to work, aware that such trips carry specific risks. Secondly, I wanted to provide basic information on this problem in an easy-to-assimilate form. Young people don’t like reading statistics, especially on a subject they know little about and are convinced doesn’t concern them. I think I succeeded – many people are beginning to notice the problem, the book is getting good reviews. I wanted to discuss the issue in all its aspects, including showing how to change the mindset of a person in a situation of great danger. I wanted to show that being a victim doesn’t mean being stupid – that there are specific mechanisms at work here, forcing you to make specific decisions in an act of desperation. I also tried to show the basic mechanisms of recruiting victims, and what can be done to avoid danger. All this is neatly included in the content of a crime adventure novel, because of course there is crime in it…”  

– Daniela Hoppe (Sikora)