It’s extremely simple! You can organize a charity dinner or a movie evening. The possibilities are endless!

It’s extremely simple! Form, time, target group – it depends solely on your creativity and courage.
You can organize a meeting with coffee and homemade cake, you can organize a charity dinner or a movie evening
in a small group – the possibilities are endless!


If you want to conduct a public collection, we encourage you to do it! Familiarize yourself with the rules and regulations regarding public collections in your country

Public collections in Poland may be carried out by foundations, associations, church organizations, or a social committee set up to conduct a public collection. At least three people with full legal capacity and no criminal record are required to form a committee.

More information about organizing collections, differences between public collection, requiring authorization, and a non-public collection that does not require it in Poland, you can find here:


For which you usually do not need permission (in most countries. You need to check for your country)

In Poland, according to the provisions of the Act on public rebounds,
no authorization is needed:

For collections of the so-called ‘Friendly’, conducted in a closed circle, e.g., at work, in the office, private premises among friends

For collections among school children in school premises, taking place on the basis of the permission of school authorities.

For rebounds carried out by way of cash or raffle lotteries, if the collection is carried out in public places

To collect offerings for religious purposes or in churches

For ecclesiastical charity
and providing care
For scientific and
educational activity

The school collection is an action in which students, teachers, parents and school staff take part. After the action is completed, it is worth to prepare a report on the event. If the collection is organized on the school grounds, but it is attended by outside people or is held outside the school walls, the action may already have a public dimension. In this case, it is already required to submit it and publish it on the national collection portal


An increasingly popular form of financial collections is so-called crowdfunding. It is collections made via web portals and social media. You can use some of the most known platforms