Change together with us the world for the better! Help us care and fight for freedom and help those who start from the beginning, those who have just recovered!

What is volunteering?

It is an unpaid work for other people or the whole society. A volunteer is one who, consciously and without remuneration, engages in work for people, non-governmental organizations or institutions operating in various social areas. However, unpaid does not mean that without benefits! Volunteering brings many benefits to the volunteers themselves.

What are the rules of cooperation?

Volunteers sign a volunteer contract with the Light House Foundation, which specifies, among others: duration of cooperation, type of work provided for a specific program or project, as well as the minimum amount of time that a person undertakes to devote to cooperation. The rules for cooperation on a voluntary basis are set out in the Act on Public Benefit and Volunteer Work of Polish Law.

How much time do you have to spend on volunteering?

It depends on the specific project that will be implemented at that time. Most of our activities are long-term programs that require all of us – and therefore also volunteers – regular involvement. But we also organize events, campaigns and information campaigns where short-term but intensive engagement is needed. Of course, volunteering does not require work from Monday to Friday, 8 hours a day. Think about how much you can actually give to it. One or two days a week, one hour or more every day? Maybe two hours per week? The choice is yours.

What can you gain by being a volunteer?

You will gain experience. that will raise your position in the labor market and increase your chances of attracting your employers. If you are a young person and have not yet started a paid job, know that employers greatly value the experience gained in working on a voluntary basis. You will learn teamwork, interpersonal communication, task and time management.

You will discover your new talents and skills that you may not know you have! The variety of activities carried out by the Light House Foundation means that the tasks that you will be able to perform will be different. Some of them you may be doing for the first time and it turns out that you are great at something.

You will feel the satisfaction of helping others. In life of each of us, the important thing is to feel needed and useful. You will feel that you are taking part in an important mission to help people who are hurt and suffering. You will also become more sensitive to the needs of others.

You will meet new people, make friends.

Does volunteering guarantee insurance?

Under the contract, each volunteer is insured against accidents if he is in the course
of performing activities for the Foundation, unless issured elsewhere.
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