Daniela Deborah Hoppe

(formerly Sikora), President of the Light House Foundation

Daniela was born and raised in Poland, lived in London, England for several years and this is where she discovered problem of Human Trafficking. With a Masters in Pedagogy, and a graduate degree in Human Resources, she is a passionate activist, and an author of the book ‘Silent is Golden’released as an ebook ( https://fundacjalighthouse.pl/wp-content/uploads/2021/06/Milczenie-jest-zlotem.pdf ) within the ‘Every-One’ project, that she founded to raise awareness on human trafficking in Poland and the Polish community around the world.  Her vision is to work with governments, organisations, businesses, churhces and individuals to end human trafficking in this age – she believes that education trough lectures, workshops and events is one of the keys to reach that goal. She loves helping others to reach their God given potential and fulfil their dreams as a personal coach, mentor and pastor. For 3 years she was a leader at Hillsong Church London, overseeing 9 languages Interpretations Team every day and at multi-thousand international conferences. Today, together with her husband she runs Light House Foundation and is a pastor of International Church Light House in Lodz.

„Before we created the Light House Foundation I gathered knowledge about human trafficking for nearly 10 years. I created and ran You Can Free Us Poland Foundation as branch of international organisation founded by Sujo John, September 11 survivour, later transformed into „Time for Freedom Foundation”. I organized and ran a shelter for women, victims of trafficking. I assisted in many law enforcement activities and interventions. For years I have been observing the subject of human freedom. I watched what happens to people released after years of captivity into freedom. They lacked so much to live real freedom! Over the years, I was asking myself and God a question: how to give people authentic and full freedom? How to reach those locked in captivity, also captivity of their minds who, standing at the police station, say they do not need help, even though they are desperate to receive it.
Finally I understood that true freedom must be wanted. But it can be scary and strange concept for someone, who have been enslaved for long years. Somebody has to tell them about it. Someone must describe it, give a taste of it almost. Someone needs to reach the darkness with the light and good news. And that’s what we want to do. By practical help, we want to communicate the Good News to the people: the Gospel of true, full freedom, and love that forgives all failures and falls.
As a response to these considerations and observations, the Light House Foundation was born – out of the unquenchable desire to bring people genuine freedom.”

Gerd Hoppe

Vice President of the Light House Foundation

Gerd was born and raised in Germany. As a young man he decided to get to know the structure of big company, starting from the basic position, purposefully climbing up the ladder. He wanted to learn by experience how to manage business and workers well. Soon, he started his own business, that he was running for 16 years with sucess and satisfaction. For 12 years he was President of carnaval, very important annual event of local community, where he was managing a team of people, organising this big event. He loves football, fun and he loves people, and they love him back. In 2010 he was elected as a „Prince of carnaval” in his local town!
Beyond all that, he loves God. In 2014 he sold his business and signed up for two years bible college, only to later go for another year of leadership training to South Africa, to learn how to manage christian ministry in all its aspects. Today, together with his wife he runs Light House Foundation and is a pastor of International Church Light House in Lodz.

„In 2014 many changes happened in my life: sold my business, went to bible college, and volunteered with European Initiative, a Christian organization. This is when I learned how much people long for freedom, for love. In 2016, I traveled with this organization around Europe for nearly three months. The main focus was on the street work. During that time, I talked a lot to the homeless about their needs, people of different nationalities, I listened to them and in almost every case I prayed for them. I saw how people were transformed after prayer. It was always the same point that brought change: love. Everyone understands love differently, but we all want the same kind of love: we want to be loved no matter what we have done in the past.
The same thing happened in South Africa. I visited there hospitals, schools, orphanages, and even had opportunity to regularly go to the police station and share my faith there. Then I saw it too: people creaving for love.
This is what touched my heart so much. My desire is to speak to people, pray for them. Yes, I am determined to pray for healing, not only physical, but also for emotional healing of people whose hearts have been broken.
The Light House Foundation is for me what God has given me – a Christian organization that is not religious, but wants to do what Jesus taught: “Love your neighbor as yourself”. And that’s it: LOVE all people and bring to all people the love of the Father and the true word of the Lord Jesus Christ: the Gospel.”